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A.C.C.L Waterproofing (Ontario Basement Technologies) is the largest basement waterproofing company in Ontario. Please call or sign up for a FREE estimate. We will offer you solutions to keep your basement dry in Port Perry.

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We specialize in foundation repair, waterproofing, underpinning, basement lowering and all types of concrete work. A.C.C.L. Waterproofing Port Perry is the leading foundation repair contractor in Port Perry. A.C.C.L. Waterproofing offers licensed specialists for basement waterproofing, foundation repair, wet basement repair, weeping tile. We specialize in residential, commercial and industrial waterproofing.

Whether you need your foundation repaired, a leaky crack plugged, or you would just like a crack in your wall assessed, A.C.C.L. Waterproofing Port Perry can help you. We are proven experts in foundation crack repairs and basement waterproofing in Port Perry.

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A.C.C.L Waterproofing provides a broad range of solutions to meet specific waterproofing needs. A.C.C.L Waterproofing provides a broad range of solutions to meet specific waterproofing needs in Port Perry.

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Thousands of our happy customers are testament to our award winning basement waterproofing systems and service. A.C.C.L Waterproofing is an Ontario based waterproofing firm.

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The Water Trek Aqua Route® system will be designed and engineered by an A.C.C.L. Waterproofing Technician and installed by a fully trained A.C.C.L. Waterproofing Port Perry Installation Team.

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Important Information

Let’s face it, the waterproofing industry does not enjoy the best of reputations. A.C.C.L Waterproofing Systems began with the idea that there is definitely a better way. With this in mind, and with no intention of undermining the competition, allow us to explain some pitfalls in dealing with basement waterproofers, so that a well-informed decision can be made in choosing the right company.
A.C.C.L Waterproofing Systems:- Best in its type
The important difference is in the materials used to waterproof the foundation. Most companies are using the same sealant that was being used twenty years ago – tar. A.C.C.L Waterproofing Systems utilizes today’s most advanced waterproofing materials to apply a superior multi-layer foundation seal that permanently eliminates water and moisture penetration, uncompromisingly maintaining the integrity of the structure. Our Exterior Waterproofing and Non-Deteriorative Foundation Drainage methods are unsurpassed, we are pioneers of perfection in the waterproofing industry. Everyone else’s failures have bred our success.